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What is embodiment coaching? Embodiment coaching works through gentle non-athletic movement, posture, awareness, and breathing. Through coaching with the body, deeper change is possible, it's faster, and it sticks. It is a 'movement' movement and every BODY is welcome.

I am currently studying for The Certification of Embodiment Coaching (CEC) is a six-month comprehensive course designed to bring embodiment into my work - and I'm looking for volunteers to coach.

Why?  In our frenzied world, it’s easy to lose touch with our bodies. Often rushing, feeling tense and off-balance, brutalised by overwork, lacking community, and hooked on technology; many of us find ourselves disconnected maybe traumatised - numbed by modern life. This is where embodiment comes in.

Beyond mindfulness, embodied coaching helps you to befriend your body and feel at home in your own skin. Your body can be an anchor of sanity in turbulent times, and give you powers beyond merely coping to make change in your life.

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Yes - we can work with the body virtually so you can benefit from embodiment coaching from home at a time to suit you - for free.  


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I have worked as a coach for the last 10 years and have many happy, paying clients.  For some this is a personal and private matter for others something to shout from the rooftops.

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Whilst I am studying and developing my own practice I am looking for volunteers who want to try out embodiment coaching or those who want to create change in their lives and who might otherwise not be able to pay for this.


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I chose to study with Embodiment Unlimited as founder, Mark Walsh, created Sane Ukraine in the face of the ongoing conflict.  Working with my Ukrainian clients I have seen incredible resilience in dire times and the difference this work can make.