Can Aladdin help us succeed?

LY2S, February 21 2022

Often there are great truths hidden in the fairy tales of childhood. One of these is the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp from the Arabian Nights tales.  Aladdin lived alone with his mother. One day a sorcerer approached him, claiming to be his uncle. The sorcerer convinced him to work for him promising he would become wealthy. Aladdin's...

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Sunanda, February 21 2022

Just breathe...

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Eternal Echoes

Sunanda, November 14 2018

Sometime you read something that stirs a corner of your mind or deeper still tugs at heart strings.  This is one such piece. If you were a stone... If you were a stone, you could remain still, gathered in silent witness in the same landscape. The infinite horizons would never trouble you. Nothing could draw you out. As a human, your daily experienc...

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