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So, how are you?

No, how are you really? Do you hear yourself say: It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. But what you really want to say is I'm struggling, what's the point, I'm too tired to explain... even if I could find the words!

Rather than being victim to a habitual mode developed from past experience, we can learn to choose options that are more suitable to the situations we find ourselves in. Loving you to Shine is an opportunity to create change in your life to fully be. To Shine.

It is a journey to find those answers and to find your own sense of wholeness.  Imagine a world where we can be all we were meant to be, by un-learning adversity, to flourish and Shine.

Where do you start?

Start here...

The reason we delay starting is not usually based on one specific factor. There are nine aspects of executive brain function that can lead to us getting off track.  (But let's not get too scientific!)

We're all different - perhaps understanding the root cause of our particular barriers to change can be the starting point.

But what if it doesn't work or I'm not good at it, what if I fail?

You will, we all do, what then? You'll be one step closer to succeeding, wiser, stronger and almost certainly more inspiring to those too afraid to try!

The best thing to do is just start

There’s no right time to start. The desire to start something at the right time is usually just a justification for delay. In almost every case, the best time to start is now, so let's just get going!

FREE Coaching Discovery Call

Why not get in touch and explore possibilities now?  This is a free, no-obligation 30 minute call with me.  It is your time for you - an opportunity to find answers and maybe even to take the first step toward the change you would like to see.  Our time together will provide us both with the opportunity to decide if we can work together to create that Shine!  I don't work with everyone and not all will choose to work with me and that's OK.  There is no pressure to 'sign up' but if you invite me to support you, know that I'm there for you.

Explore possibilities now

Gentle Flows

FREE, live, weekly group event.  A place to learn to be in gentle flow with life, including spotlight coaching opportunities & insight from guests!

No long term commitment, experience embodiment and learn more about it before working 121.

Join online in the comfort of home.  

Join here

Embodied Intensive

We all have moments when we need a support or guide during stressful times or in anticipation of this.

Over the course of one week - we check in daily for one/two 30 minute coaching sessions online or in person to navigate the event.

This is crisis avoidance/navigating change.  Please get in touch to discuss in more detail.

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From Fine to Shine

Working with me weekly in 30 minutes 121 online or in-person coaching can help to effect lasting change and transformation.

Ask yourself... where do you experience stress / exhaustion / conflict / disconnect in your life?  

How do you want it to be different? We start from there and you take the lead on creating your life & shine!

Find out more here

The Welcome Change

How to Shine through menopause.  

Empowering women to embrace, navigate & thrive through the change.  Embodiment coaching for 50+ women in life change.

(If you are interested in attending or participating as a guest teacher of embodied practice - notify via email.)

21 Day Challenge

A guided exploration with a notebook or journal - designed to shift your experience. A new journal prompt every day for 21 days.

Coming soon!

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LY2S Annual Retreat

Life focus and recharge.  2024 Dates and details available soon.  Watch this space!

(If you are interested in attending this week long retreat or participating as a guest teacher of embodied practice - please get in touch via email.)