That's when the penny dropped...

I had always been super healthy – not a filling in my head – but got the results to say I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, just 2 weeks before my wedding day! Not surprisingly I was devastated. Fast forward a year and my incredulous GP corroborated a positive test with no medical intervention I had inadvertently tapped into a powerful source of transformation and change and gave birth to the first of three babies I was told I would never have.

Things were really shiny! Alongside my husband, we fulfilled our ambitions of running our own business from our country home and started several from scratch building them to multi-six figures in a couple of years, bought and turned around an existing business and learned and lost alot along the way. And then the marriage ended...

Faced with taking care of three nearly-teens alone with my ex three hours away - I engaged a coach, retrained and re-started, offering life & business coaching to fellow mum entrepreneurs.  I recognised success when, on a day out to a water park, my kids tried to get their heads around how I was still earning money but not in an office!

Despite having my confidence knocked to an all time low, I had learned that opportunities present when you're clear about what you want and are ready to take them on (they were certainly not handed on a plate).  What I realised, looking back, was that despite incredible highs and sometimes despondent lows, seemingly insurmountable challenges and unbelievable good fortune, deep and painful hurt and warm, generous and deep love, my experiences have all been ‘perfect’!


How can any of that be perfect?

Perfect because I learned so much.  All of this learning (and unlearning) took patience, dedication, time and money - a continuous process to move with the ever evolving flow of life.  I worked with well respected coaches, studied their programs and took their courses.  I downloaded ebooks, followed links, joined groups and attended webinars and arrived at a pivotal point.

Perfect to teach my clients so that they too could find the freedom they were looking for & could become inspiring leaders for others.

Perfect in enabling me to explore, navigate and share knowledgeably on

  • relationships health & wellbeing
  • creativity - your work/your business/your expression
  • spirituality and personal growth
  • prosperity from standing start through to legacy creation
  • purpose – something that eludes many all the components of creating a life that Shines!

I live by the tenet that change is inevitable – but the result is up to you and Loving You To Shine is it!


Like the idea but risk-averse?

There's risk in everything - or you'd never leave the house and who ever heard of planting a seed and not nurturing it - invest to grow!

So, if you're thinking of starting a business - doing what you love - doing things your way - creating freedom for other important things in life and inspiring the next generation to step up and follow in your successful footsteps, you just took the next step!

Loving you to Shine offers you a space to unravel and unleash the rainbow - way beyond what your mind thinks is even possible - and discover the thing that makes life really worth living.... FREEDOM!

I’ve always known I wanted more.





I wanted to be more, experience more

Growing up I never wanted to follow the rules – with a teaching degree I eschewed the obvious and ran a model agency! I enrolled in tech. courses (when girls weren't allowed) and landed jobs with responsibility ahead of my tender years. I studied alongside work and was head-hunted by a leading consultancy practice to write and deliver industry specific and accredited training to big corporates. Despite the big salary I still didn’t feel like I was on the right path. I took the obvious next step and started my own training consultancy but sold up to start a family.

Earn more.

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