Welcome to

Loving You to Shine

where the only way is up...


Welcome to Loving You to Shine

where the only way is UP!

When life gives you lemons...

...it's willing to you Shine.  It may not feel like it at the time but when you learn to navigate the storms and course correct, stormy events can start to lose their charge and life can be enjoyed as ebb and flow.

Digital connection, social disconnect...

More digital connection is creating social disconnect. Rather than bringing people together, technology and social media may be contributing to increased loneliness, social isolation and mental health issues.

The answer is Loving You to Shine...

Whether you want to change your career, improve your income, your love life or your health; if you're butting up against the same issues again and again; feeling angry, frustrated, disconnected or lonely...

The answer is Loving You to Shine!


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One to One Coaching

Combining coaching, therapy and spirituality in a unique approach to heal and recode past experiences and circumstances that impact our happiness, freedom and prevent us reaching our full potential.

Sessions Via Zoom/Skype.

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Our workshops and programmes, designed for individuals and groups, will be available online in due course, including:

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