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Loving You to Shine

Some days feel good some days feel bad with everything inbetween. That pretty much sums up the roller-coaster, unpredictable, unfair, miraculous, stressful, challenging, uncomfortable, discombobulating,  damaging, uncertain [add your own here] experience in this world, that we call LIFE.

Experience, unlike the education that we come to receive from as young as two or three, is a hard teacher - giving you the exam before the lesson.  As such, LIFE can get a little 'testy' and we find ourselves looking for elusive cliff notes or revision sheets to make sense of it all.

Loving You to Shine exists to guide those, coming from a range of backgrounds and experiences, who find themselves at a low ebb, when all else has failed, disillusioned with LIFE and often, when it seems like there's no hope*.

We offer an alternative, accessible and acknowledged experience to all, where together we explore possibilities, change your fortunes and create a SHINY LIFE!

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