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Some days you're on a high... you feel good. Some days you are low, you feel blue, with everything in between. Does that pretty much sum up the roller-coaster, unpredictable, miraculous, stressful, challenging, uncomfortable [add your own here] experience of this world, that we call LIFE?

Experience (unlike the education that we receive from a young age) is a hard teacher, giving you the exam before the lesson.  As such, LIFE can get a little testy and we find ourselves looking for answers to make sense of it all.  

Our accumulated experiences can start to weigh heavy and prevent us from being happy, moving forward, succeeding, achieving and fulfilling our potential.

Loving You to Shine exists to lift, guide and support those, coming from a range of backgrounds and experiences, who - when asked "How're things?" reply "Fine". When 'fine' means still struggling on, things not going as planned, just can't get ahead, at a low ebb, when all else has failed, disillusioned with LIFE and often, when it seems like there's no hope*, we offer an alternative.

Loving You to Shine offers an accessible and acknowledged experience, where together we explore possibilities, change fortunes and go from fine to Shine!

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Combining coaching, therapy and spirituality in a unique approach to heal and recode past experiences and circumstances that impact our happiness, freedom and prevent us reaching our full potential.

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Our workshops and programmes, designed for individuals and groups, will be available online in due course, including:

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