The Mastermind For Freedom Seekers &  Future Leaders Or Rebels Creating Freedom  On Their Own Terms

To: You

From: Loving You to Shine

Subject: You just won the lottery...

Welcome to The Welcome Change Mastermind ...

... this is a business-owners (or would-be business-owners) mastermind unlike any other.  

It’s private coaching for a price so low you'll wonder what the catch is.

(BTW there isn't one.)

It’s a mastermind for people like you who KNOW what you need to do (even if you think you don’t) and really just need to get on and do it.

It’s a place where results are measured weekly and progress is made daily.

It’s a program that forces you to focus on the important stuff and ignore the shiny-objects and distractions that pull you off course, moving you sideways when you should be going forward.

You may have questions but don’t need different or new, you just need to get on with it! If you’re already making some money in your business, this is the place for you.

The internet is great at distracting you, presenting the next big thing you need and don’t have, offering you free training and more to learn, when what you really need is a distraction-free environment where DOING is prioritized above KNOWING.

That means you’ll get more of the right stuff done.

Every week. More sales. More clients. More focus.

You will start to see results immediately (if you take action) and you will exceed even your own expectations (if you get clear on what you really want).

If you’re anything like me – you can see it all, everything that’s possible for you and that you’d love to do and be a part of and make happen for yourself, family, friends, clients, everybody and the wealth of online training, support, materials, technology, social media and your gung-ho, positive approach makes it all possible.  

If only there was enough time…

Everything you see is there – no question – but these worthwhile, valid, amazing shiny things that get your attention are a big problem!


I could shoot myself in the foot here – I advocate lifelong learning and asking questions – but you can end up spending more time in training or masterminds (designed to solve all the world’s problems) than you do addressing the next thing, taking the next step - like selling to prospects and servicing your clients – for you!

You confuse completing your course/webinar/workshop or contributing to your mastermind with attending to your personal development or the growth of your business.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. These learning opportunities are useful. I’ve done loads and got a lot from them. I’ve also run several.

I’ve spent - and collected – lots of money on - and from - them.

But I’ve got two problem with them – that might just make sense to you too:

1. They offer no space to get the work done, and

2. They continue to throw the tease of new shiny distractions at you.

Think of it this way.  For every entrepreneur you know in person, online who's getting great results or ‘crushing it’, there are a dozen who are languishing, struggling and stuck in a rut.

There are people - like you perhaps - who have invested £1000’s paying for training or joining a business mastermind group and are still in the same place a year later, with nothing to show for their investment, other’s who just couldn’t justify the investment or got lost in the sea of options.

It got me thinking – perhaps you don’t need a coach – or a training – or a mastermind…

And THAT is why I created The Welcome Change … its a mastermind unlike any other, exclusively for serious, grown-up business owners like you who want to sell more and (yes) ... ‘crush it’ – I know I do!

The Welcome Change complements whatever personal and business development you're doing today. If you're not doing anything, this is a great place to start. It’s a low-touch, (very) low cost single-focus program that couldn’t be more simple to use.

For years I was a management consultant and trainer. I’m the co-author of professional qualifications for the Institute of Direct Marketing, creator of Loving you To Shine and founder of Sunanda Bailey & The Shine Crowd - a VA platform helping entrepreneurs get more done in their business by connecting them with our network of experienced, professional & trained VA support.

I’ve led workshops and seminars and spoken on the stage, I’ve built real companies and sold them. I’ve advised corporates, business owners, sales people, freelancers and entrepreneurs to do one thing: do what they do best and shine.

But enough about me.

Let's talk about The Welcome Change.

Because I want you to join today.

So, this is for you if you’re a business owner (would-be or soon -to-be), are self-employed or get paid on results.

Irrespective of niche or market you're in or which industry you serve.

Product or service…

This WILL work for you.

What you DON’T get in The Welcome Change

You don’t get community, distraction or demands on your time. I know, it’s against the grain and not what everyone else is doing…

  • NO Facebook Groups
  • NO Monthly or Weekly Calls
  • NO Local Meetups
  • NO Annual Conferences

You don't get inundated with checklists and tasks and ‘should do’s’ that mean you end up spending more time working on your mastermind than you do working on your business.

In fact, you get inundated with nothing.

It’s a super-lightweight, super-economical mastermind that fits INTO your regular work, that takes NO time out of your week, and that truly keeps you focused on your business and sales goals.

I’m Sunanda Bailey. I am not a tech whiz or a spiritual guru, my thing is playing with all that is possible and joining the dots and making the connections to get what I want. My clients are freedom seekers and future leaders, creatives, coaches and solopreneurs and they make quantum leaps and get big results in their work which has a delicious side-effect of touching other parts of life - like wellbeing, relationships, purpose and flow. I do things a little differently I'm an intuitive, impulsive, colourful, anarchic, challenging, connected, knowing creator. I spent years asking questions and moving through the mire - huge highs and huge lows - and now is the time to teach others how to tap into their genius and create their dreams - afterall anything is possible - and not forgetting reaping the rewards in prosperity and earning money, changing fortunes easily using our genius and playing with the shine.

That’s why it’s called The Welcome Change?

The name encompasses some of my most important life philosophies.

If you share them, you're probably in the right place.

WELCOME: invites you to step up - this represents your responsibility. The buck stops with you.

CHANGE is inevitable – and the results are up to you.  When you start to realise that you can effect change and get the results you want – you put out a request – you must be open and welcome to the result that comes.  It may not be exactly what you wanted but it will be one more step on the journey and an opportunity to fine tune!

What's more, it will hopefully be a welcome change to let go of the pressure of yet more to do and only have ONE single weekly activity when you join the mastermind, and it won’t take you more than ten minutes to complete.

Which means you’ll only have ONE single focus the rest of the week: growing you and your business.

We don't even talk to each other other than via email.

The one thing I’ve found with all the distractions and ways of communicating is that you can end up doing it less – less real connection.  That’s what I wanted to change.  So, there is nowhere to ‘hang out’, there’s no community, the other members remain a secret to you and you to them...

  • There are no live events.
  • There is no Facebook group.
  • There are no videos to watch.
  • There are no worksheets to fill out.
  • Not one! A Welcome Change – phew – I think so.


Is this too long?  Too much to read? Read this...

For my coaching clients, I use a weekly email check-in along-side our weekly call in my private coaching practice – often because there are things clients are working on that they want a sounding board for, another set of eyes and sometimes I’ve sent them something challenging to work on.

The Welcome Change provides the check-in and that invaluable accountability, as a stand-alone, without the added expense and commitment of a full coaching partnership.

The specifics - how it works

When you join today, you’ll get an email from me every Friday for a year!

That's one email from me, every Friday, for the next 12 months.

That’s 52 nudges towards where your heading or cheers from the bleachers that you wouldn’t have had!

The emails will always have [TWC] in the subject line, so you’ll know that it’s me and you’ll be able to prioritize it.

The email will ask three questions:

1.     What did you do this week?

2.     What are you going to do next week?

3.     Anything else on your mind you want to share?

You shouldn’t spend more than ten minutes on it.

It sounds too simple, but this works well for a number of reasons:

  • You’ve invested – in you, in TWC, so you’ve already made a commitment.
  • You know I’ll be looking out for your email, so you’ve got accountability.
  • What you measure is what you get (what you did). That means you will study the past to improve the future. You’re making a series of micro-commitments that become tougher to break once they’re public (what you’re going to do).
  • You get to do a brain-dump to clear the fog at the end of the week.
  • You will have a permanent and immediately-accessible timeline of all the important metrics and decisions taken in your business.

If you’re going solo – where are the business reporting lines.

One of the first things I noticed leaving my corporate job – apart from missing my PA and her resourcefulness, capability and timely cups of tea – were the missing reporting lines.  

Reporting lines that previously, at the end of every week, month and quarter, my managers would report to me and me to mine and on up the chain of command on the performance and predictions for the coming period.

There isn't a business in the world that doesn't do this.

It's NECESSARY for accountability and quality-control.

From today you'll have the same structure. And your business will grow.

You'll report to me on your measurable achievements. How much, how many, etc ...

Your numbers, data and results are never shared.

Your answers will NEVER be shared with anybody and they’ll be kept under digital lock and key inside my secured email account. That’s our contract. And that's the program.

No longer explanations because they’re not necessary.

You get an email.

You reply.

In between emails, you spend your time well, because you know you’ve got to report back to me at the end of the week. You become more productive and you sell more. It’s useful. It’s cathartic. It’s “actionable”. And if it’s for you, you probably already know by now.

You see, you've only got to make one commitment when you join today.


What’s that commitment?


To respond to an email and answer three small questions once a week.

So how much does it cost?

How long is a piece of string – if I asked you how much you’d pay to reach your income goal, make the change, lose the weight whatever you’re aiming at what would you say?

What’s the cost of not achieving it?

So The Welcome Change Mastermind is priceless, worth millions, right??

Yeah, that’s how the script usually goes but you need to get moving not get your credit card weighed down before you’ve started.  I won’t be charging you that much – anyway that would be ridiculous. I tried to work out a better way, a more obviously understandable way to charge.  

So, you pay around £30-50 a week - or more – for a personal trainer to do an hour’s session one-to-one and to hold you accountable to a fitness programme.

If like me, you value getting stuff done each week, it’s important and worth your commitment, you’d probably pay the same.

£50 x 52 weeks = £2,600 a year.

£30 x 52 weeks = £1,560 a year.

Neither of those look right – even £1200 or £100 per month feel off…

So I settled on only £888 for the entire year.  

That’s £74 per month (or £17.07 per email) - and you can pay monthly!

Why?  Because you’ll be more likely to take action towards your future and buy it right now.

Why so cheap for 1 to 1 work via email?   Because it’s often a useful way for people like you who need MORE in-depth coaching with me but want to try before you buy - allowing you to dip your toe in the water.

Why only email? Because it may be simply all you need. Information is freely available everywhere. But accountability is always worth paying for.

Remind Me What I get… Every Friday you get and email – you reply.  

Every Monday & Tuesday I read all your replies. I then reply back to you.

And it's well worth it. It's a full one-year program. No continuity. No upsells.

There are no refunds.

The value proposition is straightforward.

You know what you're getting: 52 emails a year that you reply to.

I’ll send you one email right now to tell you what to expect, and your next email this coming Friday. Simple, The Welcome Change!





Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sunanda acknowledge my emails?

Yes, and better than that, she actually replies to your questions.

Can I have an in-depth conversation with her and get live any-time email coaching?

Only if you're a current coaching client. Packages for that start at £3,000 and are dependent on an in-depth application – you’ll know when you’re ready for this if it’s not now – but you can email me if you'd like to know more about becoming a private client. Realistically, The Welcome Change Mastermind is a good option for you if you either already have a coach, or prefer to not work with a coach at the moment. That means this program is designed as an extra resource to support you in your current efforts.

What happens when I join today?

You'll get two emails from Sunanda right away and on this Friday - and next Friday - and every Friday for the rest of the year, you'll hear from her again. NO one-click upsells, no add-on options and no exciting opportunities to join other programs forced upon you or to distract you now or at any stage in the future. At the end of the year, we're done. There is no year two.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time by sending us an email  and you won't get another email. But since you've already paid for it, you'd be crazy to cancel. Remember: no refunds. Does this work? It works if you set aside ten minutes every week to reply to an email.

Other questions?  

Just get in touch...

What people say…

This isn't even a course, but I've learned so much in the past few weeks because I am constantly taking action.


With TWC I am motivated to keep moving forward, because no matter what, on Friday, Sunanda is going to reach out to me and I need to have something to say!


I've long subscribed to the theory that small things done regularly are far more impactful to a business than big things done never - but have still struggled to get myself to do those small things. The accountability element of TWC has seen me churn through a glut of tasks that would ordinarily have sat on the to-do list for months.


I have found TWC to be extremely helpful. I am a remote worker and having an email reminder to think about the following week has proven to be invaluable.


The genius of SMM is in its simplicity: answer the three questions and it's job done. Thanks Sunanda. Friday is now my absolute favorite day of the week. Getting that email from Sunanda means I have to be accountable - and not for the sole purpose of impressing her with my list of accomplishments. TWC Mastermind has helped me to stay more focused on my business, and I'm a lot more diligent about weekly planning and executing, which caused me quite a bit of anxiety before.


TWC is an awesome resource to keep you in check with what you really need to be focusing on in your business. It's the perfect accountability without someone breathing down your neck to make sure things get done. You just kind of know…. I'm going to have to report what I do at the end of the week, so I better make it good!


TWC has driven me to be more focused on what I am actually accomplishing each week plus being really mindful about setting goals for the week ahead, with just one simple email.


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I eagerly await Sunanda's emails. They challenge, direct, support and make me question and improve.  Not in a "I don't know what I'm doing" way. They just make me want to get on and make $h!% happen!

- S G, Business Owner

I'm ready to join